Welcome to The Owl House!


The Owl House is just a small place that cats have found.

Lost, footsore, or feral, they were abandoned along our winding forest creek where owls live, nest, and serenade us in the evenings. Or they were born under the porch of a neighbor whose wallet was empty, or who was unable to catch them.

For over twenty years we have sheltered the wanderers who come our way, to save our local shelters from the burden of even more cats. Come find your way to The Owl House as well. Enjoy a mug of coffee or tea, and if you find a feline friend who matches your soul, take her home with you, so another needy cat will find space at The Owl House.

While we cannot take the stray cats who have chosen your doorstep for safety, we can share how we find homes for ours, so you may do the same.

Shortly you will find resources on this page on how to find a home for your cat, or how to fix and care for the feral cats living under your own porch or in your barn.

If every person took responsibility for the cat who now and then comes their way, and each person spayed or neutered their own pets, our local shelters would be havens for those who are genuinely lost and need help. Now they are overfull, broke, and weary.

So please come visit us at The Owl House. In the darkness of winter we are open primarily for weekend appointments. Please email us a few days in advance of your visit (although you can always try at the last minute, just in case!)

To you and your own feline friends,  we wish a warm and safe winter.